About us

  We started  working  in  our office  from 1989 till now ,  After  working in the international auditing office (KPMG) At all these period  we  have audited a lot of banks and companies in all filed.

( Industrial ,Commercial , Financial, Hotels, Hospitals and Banks)

  • We have provided a consultation services in many fields like Taxes, feasibility study, evaluation for different types of companies for a different purposes, Financial and managerial consultations, internal control.
  • Also the Money Market Assembly delegating our office in many evaluation process for different kinds of companies for the purpose of merge , increasing the share of the owners.
  • Our accumulated experience is more than 40 year , Our staff  are more than 20  professionals

(Accountants, Auditors, Tax consultants, Financial Consultants and, Management Consultants)

  • During the work in our office, we participated in the Bookkeeping assignments of non-profit-organizations ( BEST ) which is a joint venture project  of  the United Nations Development Projects (UNDP) , and the Social Fund Projects.

Registration in government body

# Data Ismail Mohamed Mohamed Ismail
1 The Egyptian Public Accountant Register No. 5063 4359
2 The Egyptian Society of Accountants & Auditors Register No. 1243 1228
3 The Egyptian Central Bank Register No. 128 131
4  The Ministry of Economics Register No. 119 120