Assurances services

Financial Statements Audit :

Our audit is performed in accordance with The Egyptian auditing standards in conformity with the Egyptian laws and regulations. Also we take into consideration Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) to provide a reasonable assurance that the company’s financial statements are free of material errors or misstatements and present fairly with compliance with Egyptian accounting standards , monitoring the international standards GAAP and IFRS.


Our Assurances services include:

1. Statutory Audit

  •  Annual statutory audits
  •  Quarterly reviews
  •  Compilation of financial statement
  •  Agreed upon procedures
  •  Internal control assessments


This works through this mission accomplish throughout examining on test basis Our Audit includes the following:

  •  Auditing the company accounting records and documents on a test basis in accordance with the auditing procedures and in light of the company activity and circumstances.
  •  General evaluation of the financial statements presentation method and the disclosures to ensure its compliance with the Egyptian accounting standards and regulations.
  •  Conducting regular review during the year including review and evaluation of internal control systems applied by the company as well as performing tests to verify sound application of these systems.
  • Final review at year-end .


2. Assurances services for Non-profit Organizations

  • Fund accountability statements
  •  Internal control evaluations
  •  Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  •  Agreed upon procedures/reviews
  •  Procurement audits
  •  Governance reviews