Financial Accounting Services

Financial Accounting Services

We have a highly professional team to give accounting advisory services and to make entries in financial accounts under a wide range and multiple accounting techniques including :-


1- Accounting Support

  •  Design and support financial information systems
  •  Prepare books in accordance to legal requirements
  •  Prepare financial statements


2- Accounting Systems

  •  Design financial information system
  •  Supervise implementation of financial information system
  •  Monitor effectiveness and efficiency of system use and implementation


3- Payroll process & administration

  •  Prepare payroll related tax and social insurance returns
  •  Prepare documentation and calculation of payroll tax
  •  Monitor correct application of laws and regulations


4- Legal Books

  •  Maintain general ledger in accordance to local requirements
  •  Maintain stock books in accordance to local requirements
  •  Reconcile trial balances with audited financial statements


5- Social Insurance

  •  Prepare and present legal records for social insurance authority
  •  Oversee social insurance procedures at company level
  •  Prepare employee contracts and records according to labor law