The income tax law & executive regulation

  The income tax law

Important tax dates

 Yearly tax returns: form  no.  27 and 28 submit for natural persons before March 31 of each year and for legal persons before April 30 of each year. payroll tax Report : form  no 4         Submit to the competent tax office, a quarterly tax return in January, April, July and October of each year

Development projects

In accordance with Article 9 of the Act and article 11 of its executive Each benefit Cash or the like are taken by project staff Subject to payroll tax.

Refer to the law No. 114 of 2008 issued on May 5, 2008 ,  which  containing the article No.2 , which states: 1 – canceled each item (1) of Article (36) of the Income Tax Act issued by Law No. 91 of 2005, which states : tax-exempt educational institution under the supervision of the government

Assurances services

Financial Statements Audit :  Our audit is performed in accordance with The Egyptian auditing standards in conformity with the Egyptian laws and regulations. Also we take into consideration Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) to provide a reasonable assurance that the company’s financial statements are free of material errors or misstatements and present fairly with compliance

Financial Accounting Services

We have a highly professional team to give accounting advisory services and to make entries in financial accounts under a wide range and multiple accounting techniques including :-   Accounting Support –         Design and support financial information systems –         Prepare books in accordance to legal requirements –         Prepare financial statements   Accounting Systems –         Design

Investment & Companies Foundation

1– Foundation of all kinds of joint stock companies, partnerships and individual enterprises as well as branches of foreign companies, representative’s offices, Liaison offices and scientific offices. 2- Consultations in the field of companies’ affairs and related laws. 3- Economic feasibility studies of projects.

Tax Consultations

  Ismail M. & Mohamed Ismail office (Public Accountants)    has a group of tax experts specialized in all kinds of taxes “corporate tax – salaries & wages tax – fiscal stamp tax – non-commercial professions – sales tax and custom duties”. The office has long experience in dealing with tax authorities and its affiliated inspectorates

Providing consultancy in the organizational structure of the company and the development of Organization chart to get the best result from the re-use of human resources within the company .